About Eurobiostoves

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Exclusive importers and distributors of quality pellet convection heating stoves and biomass heating boilers. 


Eurostove has many years of experience picking the best brands of wood burning stoves from across Europe and now we have taken the chance to diversify our interests and apply our knowledge to biomass convection stoves and boilers.

Providing reliable quality biomass boilers and stoves is our aim and we have established a partnership with a well established manufacturing business, Bronpi Califaccion for our range of MCS approved boilers.



Bronpi was founded in 1985 in Lucena (Cordoba). A family owned business, Bronpi has built up an admirable range of technologies with over 300 stove models in their range. A vertically integrated manufacturer with research and development on site. Bronpi pride themselves on using rapid order turnaround, demand pull manufacturing techniques in a well automated production facility such that stock turn is very high but stock is held at all times allowing the company to also offer excellent lead times and service support with supply of spare parts to retailers and wholesalers alike.


The range of pellet technologies is evolving all the time and Eurobiostove Ltd imports several other products as market demand dictates.